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Czech Quarter

A one hectare parcel was purchased behind the technical secondary school in 1920 and after plans were drawn up work was commenced by the Czech Building and Residential Cooperative. The work was commissioned to the local builders Wenzl Ryschawy and Ludvig Roika.

In 1921 the first two residential buildings were completed and the school building on today’s Richard Klouda Street was renovated. A corner building with 17 flats was constructed on this same street in 1922. The Czech Cooperative continued its building activity throughout the entire decade of the 1920s. Flats in the apartment buildings in the Czech Quarter were the height of luxury at the time and it's no surprise that they were occupied by German residents.

Two opulent factory owner villas are located near the Czech Quarter in the industrial area of the former textile factories. The first of these belonging to the Albrecht family has a turbulent history. Dentist offices are housed in the villa today. The district court building, formerly the villa of Johann and Max Budil, is situated among the factory buildings. The court building received an award in 2005 for a modern addition, which forms with the old villa a separate complex.

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